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  1. landoxd

    Noobie Question

    I registered domain and got the hosting from you guys too, looking forward to working with you guys more.
  2. landoxd

    Noobie Question

    Thanks bro
  3. landoxd

    Hello ! :D

    Yea i did , we decided to just take 3rd classes off in general lol since we dont know how to use them anyways we are used to traditional RO . Im thinking of getting the site hosted through you guys too so hopefully that happens today or tomorrow.
  4. landoxd

    Hello ! :D

    I need some help with some of the classes on my server , Once class is changed for example to high wizard client crashes and unable to load to that character and it also crashes anyone on that map. I think sprites are missing and would like to know how to add them or where i can get them . I have several classes that do this warlock and high wizard and any of the expanded classes.
  5. landoxd

    Noobie Question

    2013-12-23 Lite Client ,this is the lite client i was guided to download from the ticket i opened. sorry for the noobie questions lol
  6. landoxd

    Noobie Question

    Hello, I just got a server lol and got all the stuff light client as well , i downloaded a kro client and added the light client to it but everytime it crashes... I honestly have not played RO since 2007 so things have changed a bit im sure but if anyone can guide me to accessing my server lol that would be fantastic.
  7. landoxd

    Hows it going?

    Yea trying to download the files but gotta do 5 posts lol
  8. landoxd


    Whats up!
  9. landoxd

    Hi there

    Whats up
  10. landoxd

    Site move to a new a dedicated host

    Dope, You guys are great help!
  11. landoxd

    Hows it going?

    How is everyone? Name is lando, just starting a server to hang out with a couple of friends nothing serious lol